1.Introduction to Azure

Introduction to Cloud Computing, benefits and key cloud terminology

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These are my personal notes taken from the course Azure DevOps from aCloudGuru, all the credit goes to them

Introduction to Cloud Computing

Objective : Oversimplification of concepts & Establish the fundamentals of Cloud Computing

  • Initial Introduction to Cloud Computing
  • Benefits of Cloud Computing
  • Key Cloud Terminology
    • Fault Tolerance
    • High Availability
    • Scalability
    • Elasticity

What is the cloud ?


Super Simplified definition : think of cloud computing as using computing resources somewhere else, other than what you own or what you have immediately available with you.

Simplified definition : cloud computing is using compute resources hosted in remote data centers for a variety of different applications -- from virtual machines (i.e. somebody else's computer) to a variety of managed services (i.e. remote databases, networking capabilities, advanced analytics, machine learning, etc.)

Why do we care ?

Common Personal (and Enterprise) Uses of Cloud Services


Fault Tolerant : If your phone / laptop crashes, the data on the cloud are still retrievable on another laptop

High Availability : Available on multiple devices

Common Enterprise Uses of Cloud Services

ACME company with user base of 2000 users on 2 servers ACME forecast in one year a user base of 5000 users, so need 4 servers ACME forecasts in 2 years a user base of 50000 users, so 10 servers to buy

On-Premise :


Cloud model:


Scalability : Process to automatically increasing the computing capacity without any inputs from you

Elasticity : Process to automatically shrink the computing capacity without any inputs from you