New Four Quarter feature for the CRM :

New Four Quarter feature for the CRM :

The Data team will ship a new feature in the CRM. This feature will help in the opportunity creation and completion at the different steps of the process.

The feature has been co-developed and validated with some of you, the key users of the CRM. [List of the CRM key users].

The feature consists of four parts :

What is the components of this feature

Technical part

The first part is technical. We redesigned flows, and forms and added cool stuff to help your daily job.

New business process flow to better follow your opportunity

This new business process flow better aligns with the current process at Archimed

You know exactly what is needed information to go to the next phase of the opportunity investment.

Sequence automation to automatically create your next tasks

We automatically create tasks, phone call to do and so on for you. So that you know exactly at any moment what you have to do.

All the tasks created are available in your Sales Accelerator, and ready for you to pick it up.

We heard you, it is boring to go and find information such as TVA number, SIREN, adresses and so on. We got you.

In partnership with Societe.Info, we developed this addon to retrieve automatically all legal and financial data for a company. I told you there was cool stuff!

Automatically retrieves adresses

Same here but for the addresses. Sometimes, you need different addresses, we got this covered too. You're welcome.

That's all for the technical part, next is the Involvement part.

Involvement part

To have a close relationship between the data team in charge of the CRM, and you users who are using it, we introduce our Office Hours

These Office Hours will be held once every 2 months.

During these Office Hours, CRM key users will convey your requests or questions or concerns related to the CRM to the data team.

During these sessions, we will share with the key users the latest features available.

The next session will be held in May. To prepare for it :

  • Find who is part of the CRM key user group [List of the CRM key users].

  • Send them your questions

Contrat part

In partnership with the management and the HR team, we are pleased to announce a new Data Quality Bonus you can claim!

This bonus is correlated to the number of investment opportunities fulfilled during the month.

Data part

The last part is about Dashboards and Data

You will be able to track directly within the CRM your goals towards your bonus

Screen Shot of Power BI Goals

Availability of this feature

As the feature has already been intensively tested by some of you, the availability of this new feature will be quick.

In a few weeks, all the functionalities will be shipped.

You will be invited then by our data team for a demo session

After that, you will have everything in your hands to work with it.


The materials of this new feature (tutorial, explanation, ...) will be available as collateral directly accessible in the CRM

User Care

In case of feedback or bugs or requests, you can reach directly the hypercare team () or

We will come back to you with an appropriate answer


1 month after the release of the feature, we will send you a survey, we will love hearing from you what you think about this!

Thanks for reading me !